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There isn't much to say about me... I'm just a guy like any other that loves doing mash-ups (and other stuff of course) as an hobbie ^^
Not all people like or know some songs I mix but some of them do and I just can't please everyone... That's why I try to make such different mash-ups in total different genres like Pop, Hip-Hop, Trance, Techno, Reggae, R&B, K-pop, Rap, Electro, Dance and so many others... I also like to go further, try new things, even if that doesn't work very well for me =P

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Hugo Boss Runway Model Contest - Facebook

The voting is over and I ended up in 7th place with 677 votes on men category (with 979 guys competing). Not bad, not bad at all!!  I gotta thank you all who voted for me and made that happen ^^ I didn't win but I kinda feel fulfilled so see so many people voting for me, trying to help me with my dream. Once again, thank you so much from the deep of my heart.  Remember, live well and live happily